Meet The Team

George Saliba

George Saliba is the Head Buyer/Owner of George is up to date with the Tesla & EV market and constantly has his finger on the market’s pulse! He has over 10 years of experience buying and selling cars but his favorite brand of car to buy, and drive is Tesla.

Head Owner / Buyer

Kimberly Behrend

Kimberly Behrend is the Process Manager. She has had experience buying cars for J&S Autohaus for the past 3 years! Also while buying cars, Kimberly has learned the importance of precision in paperwork. She orchestrates the docu-signing, transportation, and getting customers paid for their car! As a food/beverage veteran, Kimberly prides herself on great customer service. Kimberly’s primary responsibility is to guide our customer’s through the buying process and ensure a smooth transaction every step the way!

Process Manager

Carlton Morrissey

Carlton Morrissey is a buyer for Sell My EV. He has loved Tesla since they came out with the roadster in 2008. And even owns his own Model X, pictured here. Carlton prides himself on quick and lively responses to ensure that our clients feel that they have received the best customer service possible. Carlton's primary responsibility is to ensure the customer receives a fair value for their car and that they understand the market to make the best possible decision!